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Ways to Pick the Right Carpet Cleaning Machine

A search of the internet reveals a large variety of carpet cleaners, each company advertising that its product is infinitely better than all the others are. With the number of features available for these machines, it is possible for those unfamiliar with the equipment to have trouble choosing a machine. It is important to understand certain features of carpet cleaners and which is best for your cleaning needs.

How Carpet Cleaners Work

A carpet cleaning machine injects a mixture of water and cleaning solution onto the carpet surface. For best results, the carpets and mats are pretreated with the cleaning solution. The cleaning mixture penetrates the carpet or mat and breaks down the dirt and impurities present on them. The machine then extracts the dirt and impurities from the carpet.

Most modern machines provide heated output, which makes the cleaning process quicker and more efficient. Such machines have a built-in heating element and output temperature that can range up to 210•°F.

However, the efficiency of the carpet cleaning process depends mainly on two other factors: the quality of the carpet cleaning machine and type of cleaning solution used. The quality of the machine invariably depends on the quality of its components and the technologies it uses. The major components of a carpet cleaner include the heating element, solution tank, and recovery tank.

Heating Element

The heating element produces the output temperature of the water or steam. While non-heated carpet cleaners do not contain heating elements, they are essential parts of a commercial carpet cleaning machine. More delicate fabrics that cannot withstand high heat can be cleaned with cold water machines and cleaning solutions. For more demanding commercial applications, heat is essential. Some more powerful machines contain two inline heating elements, instead of one tank heating element. Such machines heat the output to its maximum temperature within five minutes, as opposed to the 15 or 20 minutes needed by carpet cleaning equipment that use a single heating element.

Solution Tank

The solution tank of a carpet cleaning machine is where water or a mixture of water and a cleaning solution is kept. The size of the solution tank varies based on the nature of the cleaning process for which the machine is designed. Tank size can range from 4 gallons to 17 gallons. With a larger tank size, the operator can continuously run the machine much longer before having to refill. High-end machines, such as commercial rug cleaners, feature a large solution tank, while industrial machines feature auto fill.

Recovery Tank

The recovery tank of a commercial carpet cleaning machine is where the extracted dirt and impurities are dumped. The tank is usually emptied after the cleaning process. Here too, large tanks allow longer continuous working time. Most commercial rug cleaners have a recovery tank with a capacity of around 15 gallons, with industrial systems offering auto dump capabilities.

Low Flow Technology

Carpet cleaning equipment featuring low flow technology limits water waste and shortens the drying time of the cleaning surfaces. This technology controls the water output of the machine without affecting its productivity. Such machines are handy in places where water is scarce. In addition, low-flow carpet cleaners ensure that the carpets and mats dry very quickly.

Solutions Used

The cleaning solution used is also very important, as its effectiveness determines the efficiency of the overall cleaning process. Consider using green cleaners from reputable suppliers as your cleaning solution. Green cleaners are safe and non-toxic and will not damage fabric in any way. In addition, the can be more powerful than toxic detergents by way of advanced green technologies. The super-small micelles of green carpet cleaners work to encapsulate and crystallize dirt and stain particles, so that they can be easily extracted with a carpet cleaning machine.