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Tips to Use Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Screens

These are the most noticeable fireplace accessories, so you need to choose them carefully. Fortunately, screens come in a very wide range of styles and materials. You should look at the various types and choose one that suits your home. Here are a few ideas.

Iron: Wrought iron is ideal for a homey look and a more rustic feel to the room. This can be painted, or it may be plain black.

Ceramic: One of the more versatile materials, ceramic usually comes with pretty designs added, often in painted style. Ideal for a Victorian room.

Glass: For a more modern look, minimal metal with glass panels is perfect. The panels may be smoked, clear or even etched with an elegant design.

Copper: A shiny, red-gold color, copper is often used as a mesh in fireplace screens. It offers protection from the fire and a comfortable warmth to the room.

Other materials may also be used, but these tend to be the most common. They are what you’ll find in all fireplace stores and can be very nice additions to any room with a fireplace.

Tool Sets

The set of tools that stands by the fireplace should go with the fireplace screen that you’ve chosen. That means they need to be similar in style. Look for more delicate tools if you’ve chosen a ceramic screen, for example.

Tools usually come in a nice set and the main variation between sets is the handle design. This can be chosen to compliment your interior design and there are hundreds of different options available, so you can pick and choose which ones work best.


These handy posts sit in the fireplace, holding the wood in and making sure things don’t come rolling out onto the hearth. These tend to be fairly visible, especially if you have chosen a see through fireplace screen.

Andirons are traditionally fairly simple. They tend to be squat and heavy so they can stop heavy logs from moving. However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the more traditional versions. You can also find elegant ones that come in curved or crafted shapes and add a lot to the space.


A fireplace grate is essential since it holds the materials up off the floor and allows the ashes to fall down. This keeps the fire burning better, too, since the air can reach under the wood. While these are barely noticed, you’ll still want to put some thought into which grates you select. Cast iron is the best option since it will stand up to repeated fires, but you might prefer ceramic.

Log Racks

These sit by the fireplace and hold the firewood. They come in a wide range of styles to compliment how you decorate. Whether you want to go with a simplistic basket or a more elegant stand with elegant curls and designs, there’s something for pretty much every taste. Again, look for the style that compliments the room’s design.

Fireplace accessories can make or break the decor in a room, so be sure to choose very carefully. Everything from andirons to fireplace screens should be selected to compliment everything else in the room.