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The Air and Health Issues

Most people know someone who is affected by asthma or allergies; however, they may not realize how serious these issues are and how frequently they can occur. For some, reading an interesting article is a way to get to know their loved ones better. The readers may begin to realize that the air around them can cause issues.


The presence of allergens in the air can cause serious trouble for some people. Individuals may think that allergens can cause reactions only if allergic individuals touch or eat the substances, but that isn’t the case. Some allergies can lead to major problems or even death simply from their presence in the air. For example, some students cannot eat lunch in the same area as another student who is eating peanuts because the allergies are so severe. Such allergens in the air must be eradicated for safety purposes.


Allergies can cause a host of issues, and one of them is asthma. Some asthma attacks are mild, and others are fatal. Not only can asthma attacks arise from allergens, but they can also happen because of a poor air quality. People may hear announcements or see signs warning that the air quality in the area is not good on particular days. When these situations occur, individuals with asthma may have to seriously limit their time outdoors or avoid it entirely.


Unfortunately, the natural world is also filled with pollutants although many people are taking steps to diminish these harmful substances. Pollutants in the air can cause problems for some people, especially those individuals who have certain health conditions.

What to Do

When loved ones learn about their relatives’ and friends’ issues with air quality, they can work to be more sensitive. For example, they may better understand why their friends can’t spend time outdoors on certain days or go places where high levels of allergens are present.

Improving the quality of the air is a goal that people should set for themselves. They can purchase devices to use at home to make more pleasant experiences, and they can work to protect the world from pollution.