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Stained Glass Window Clings

To design the window cling you need to open the graphics programs and choose the size of the glass window cling. Purchase or download a clip art for the cling decoration from the vast number of clip arts available online.

If you are artistic then you can even design patterns such as flowers, animals, cartoon characters or novel abstract designs. Use simple bright colors and dark outlines to create your design as this allows easy printing. Intricacies in the design and use of varied shades in the clings might be lost when you finally print out the cling.

Before you can print it out on static cling sheets it is a good idea to first obtain a test printout on a plain sheet of paper. This will help you ascertain how the final product would appear and also make changes if required. Once you are satisfied with the output load the window cling sheet in the printer and print the image.

Use a craft knife to cut the image to size and reduce the excesses. Now peel the backing of the glass window cling and place it on the window. It is a good idea to clean the window completely to remove any dirt and then slightly moisten the window before applying the glass window cling. Make sure that you smoothen out the edges of the cling as you apply it so as to remove any bubbles or wrinkles beneath the cling.

With easily available materials and the technology at your fingertips to assist you, these faux stained glass window clings are easy to make and can transform the look of your house especially in the holiday season.

Follow this step-by-step guide to make a sun catcher stained glass window cling. However do not just restrict yourself to simple everyday designs and instead think of innovative patterns and designs.