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Automating Your Home

For someone who has trouble turning on light switches, or has trouble seeing in lower light conditions, motion sensors can be put around the home that directly control the lighting in the house. Wherever the person goes lights will turn on automatically and they won’t have to struggle to navigate their home at night.

By installing the right parts and motors and using the correct technology for the job just about anything can be automated. Culinary devices like microwaves and ovens can be turned on by a preprogrammed Smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Telephone calls can be wired to a central PA system and the user has to only wear a microphone instead of scrambling to a physical phone whenever it rings. Although it might seem impossible, by consulting with or hiring the right professional the entire installation process can be quick, simple and leave you with the end result of an easy to use but technologically advanced automated home.

Some people with limited physical mobility in their hands and arms may not be able get a key into a lock, or turn a door knob. RFID (Remote Frequency Identification) chips can completely remove restrictions from these peoples’ lives. A preprogrammed RFID badge, can be set to automatically unlock and open doors, turn on lights and even cause water to flow from sinks or toilets to flush. RFID chips are surprisingly cheap by themselves, but the various motors and moving parts and individual programming that is required during RFID installation can make the whole set up a bit on the pricey side. If you have the money to spend on RFID it is a great way to go.

Not all automated devices need to be tied in to a central network and preprogrammed. Having an automated robot vacuum is common nowadays and the technology and operating systems of these cleaning devices get better every year. If you have limited physical mobility cleaning up can be a chore, and if you use a wheelchair you can bring a lot of dirt and grime into your home if you use the same chair inside that you use outside. By having an affordable automated vacuuming robot you won’t have to struggle with a manual vacuum cleaner ever again.

If and when you decide to automate your home it is important to write up a list of necessities and desired features as well as setting a maximum budget. By trying to do too much you can get easily confused. In general, the more complex the set up the more likely you are to run into bugs and glitches. By having one central control and by hiring a skilled home automation expert you can lower the probability that you are going to run into problems. Best of luck!