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Added Security with UPVC Doors

UPVC is an acronym for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. The “unplasticised” nature of the material means that no softening agents called “plasticisers” are used which makes it a suitable and strong material for large, solid structures such as doors and windows. It is certainly strong, and all uPVC doors and windows are accompanied by exceptional locking systems, impossible to open without the necessary key. The strong and durable nature of the material means that rotting cannot occur, the same of which cannot be said for wood of timber. Wooden window frames and doors that start to rot and split pose a huge security risk as they can be easily broken or smashed. Without constant attention, varnishing, sanding and general maintenance, wooden framed doors and windows don’t last very long, certainly not longer than just a few years. UPVC frames on the hand will last for decades and need absolutely no attention or maintenance work during that time. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth to remove any debris or dirt is all that is needed and your doors will stay looking great.

When looking to buy doors and windows however it is not just security that you need to bear in mind. The appearance is another important factor, after all the door is the very first thing anyone sees when approaching your house. Being house proud it is vital that a good impression is made that a nice front door can provide. UPVC comes in a range of finishes, so all tastes and designs can be accommodated. If you like the light, airy appearance of a white door then uPVC is perfect. If you prefer a more traditional wooden style then again, uPVC is the answer. With different colours and finishes available, uPVC provides the solution to doors and windows regardless of taste and required design. Wooden frames can become easily faded in the sun and the harsh outside elements and weather can severely affect the appearance. Nothing provides a shabby looking exterior to your home than badly weathered and split window or door frames.

UPVC is an ideal material to use in the home for windows, doors or even a french door. UPVC doors provide a solid layer of security in your home making break ins far more unlikely. They are also extremely attractive and a uPVC front door provides an excellent first impression to any visitor coming to your house. It is also one of the most durable materials which means every day wear and tear will not harm the frames and they stay well protected against even the harshest of weather. Once they are installed there is little work to be done to keep them looking great and there will be no need to replace them for decades. Wooden alternatives are prone to decay, rotting, warping and fading in the sun without constant maintenance and care. UPVC is a cost effective way to secure your home and dress it in an attractive way which makes them extremely popular throughout the UK and beyond.