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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Tips to Pick Table Lamps

If you are planning to bring some table lamps to enhance your home decor or any other outdoor decoration, make sure that you have selected the exact lamp shades that fit very well with the overall decor. They come in a variety of shapes. You can have table lamps with drum shades, square shades, rectangular shades, bell shades, hexagon shade, cylindrical shades and many more.

More to the point, you can go for other lamp shades such as hardback lamp shades, parchment lamp shades, and silk lamp shades for more styles and personal preferences. Fortunately, these shades allow you to experiment with a variety of designs, shapes and styles. These shades of lamps are exclusively made with pieces of fabrics or papers and other useful fabric materials like silk, cotton, linen and denim fabric. The hardback shades made with pieces of fabrics and paper being laminated on plastic liners while the parchment shades are made out of a variety of paper and other fabric materials. For silk lamp shades, besides the silk fabrics, other common fabrics like cotton and linen are commonly utilized.

For selecting the right style you need to be more creative. Also, should have enough knowledge about the different shades. Are you looking for traditional or contemporary lamp shades? If you have a traditional home decor, going for pleated lamp shades which is going to rock with your overall antique interior arrangement. On the other hand, your interior style is going more with contemporary designs and features, shades with embroidery and painted ornaments on the lamps shades allows you to get a great chic feel. Uno lamps shade is another popular shade among table lamp lovers because these shades can be used on lamp without any hardware.

Needless to say, table lamps are not used merely for home decor, they are the most functional when it comes to study room. If you are selecting a lamp shade for your study, then lamp shade made from translucent fabric or thin fabric can be suitable as it let a lot of light to come in.

It is also important to use the lamp accessories which match up with the overall lamp style. Certainly, a cylindrical lamp shade would well compliment with a cylindrical lamp base. Likewise, choose the lamps shades which suit with the shape of the lamp base. Well, these table lamps shades can create a remarkable impact on your home decor or outdoor decoration without any doubt.


Aquatic Pond Plants

Some aquatic pond plants serve as shelter for the fish and animals that live in and around the pond. The aquatic pond plant can shield the fish and other animals from the strident rays of the sun and help to keep the water cool. These kinds of plants are usually the floating varieties that stay on the surface of the water, keeping the rays of the sun off it. As a form of shelter, these floating plants can actually cover and entire plant if left uninhibited.

Some insects and snails live on and live off, as in eat, the plants in the pond. The fish in the pond also eat some varieties of aquatic pond plants. Some pond plants are good for some varieties of fish while others are not. It may be best to consult about which plants are great for whatever variety of fish because some aquatic pond plants may be hazardous for some species of fish.


The presence of aquatic pond plants can also help because these aid in adding to the oxygen content of the water which the fish need to breathe. A growing pond plant should be allowed to grow a little before it is trimmed or picked to inhibit its growth. Some pond owners do not like to have too much of the aquatic pond plants in the body of water since these can run amok and grow limitlessly and choke the other plants and living things in the pond. Air is a necessity for fish and the presence of the plants help the fish.


An aquatic pond plant actually primarily serves as a decoration for the pond or any other body of water. The different varieties of these kinds of plants have flowering, trailing and floating plants, among others. As an attraction to be placed in the pond, the aquatic pond plant serves best because of the other functions that it has.

Man made and natural ponds need some forms of aquatic pond plants for its inhabitants to survive and for the pond itself to look natural and attractive.
Ponds and other bodies of water are better off with plant in and on them. There are many different kinds of aquatic pond plants and some of these have very specific functions and may not be able to live with well with some species of fish and aquatic animals. An aquatic pond plant can have several good reasons for bring present in the pond.


Patio Lights

If you have already installed outdoor lights in your yard, you are the lucky one. But, if not, it is a superb idea to purchase some patio lights to your garden and install them in the areas where you feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can make sure that your weekends are laid-back and beautiful staying away from the crowded restaurants or other hangouts. Getting some patio lights is the great way to spice up your landscape as well as your outdoor gathering.

The patio umbrella lights

You may wonder why you would need a patio umbrella when you arrange a gathering in the evening. If you are aiming to have a full day of fun and entertainment, you can use them for both during day and for the night. When the dark kicks in, you can just switch on your patio umbrella lights and can enjoy your evening without going back to indoors. These patio umbrella lights can be extremely magnificent and it never fails to give you a heavenly ambiance. Well, you can decorate your patio umbrella with string patio lights or lamp type patio lights. The lamp type ensures a great deal of brightness while the string patios lights provide you a different gentle feel and look. However, don’t go over board, go for lights that are just for lighting up your patio gently. Excesses of lights may spoil the overall laid-back feel.

Patio string lights

Well, patio string lights provide a gorgeous look to your patio and are extremely charming for an outdoor gathering in summer season. Most of the time, these lights are used for celebrations; however, if you have installed it already, it come as a huge help. You can purchase electric patio strings to decorate your patio attractively or else you can opt for solar patio string lights. They are economical and help you to save a lot of money. Another virtue about patio string lights is that, even if some of the bulb gets fused out, the others give you the enough lights you require. Besides these, they are durable and last for long. Make sure that you get them from a reliable retailer or else you can always browse online retailers and can find out the variety of patio string lights.


About Conservatory Roofs

Cresting is the material or finishing that runs along the central ridge of the roof while the finial is the pointed feature that sits at the front of the apex of the roof. Both these features sit on the roof capping and are more ornamental than functional. That said, they were originally designed so that the eye would glance up at the roof but they have also evolved so that they are also used as a devise so that birds to not perch on the roof and then leave a bird-like message on your clean glass. The finial also has a slight practical use in that it can be used as a lightning rod, although today the material used is often the same as the construction material, whether this be wood, cast aluminium or moulded plastic.

This brings us onto what crestings are made of. Most of the time it is similar to the finial and is made of either cast aluminium or moulded plastic. Most aluminium varieties are finished with a polyester based powder coating that leaves a very durable clean surface that is often guaranteed for 10 years depending on the supplier and the price of the cresting. Of course one can always use a moulded plastic cresting and this often comes out cheaper than aluminium. All crestings and finials should be available in a colour to match the paint work of your conservatory.

Crestings and finials come in a variety of designs, typically these are:

– Antique
– Traditional
– Victorian
– Regency
– Fleur-de-lys
– Baroque
– Edwardian
– Elizabethan
– Tudor

Sometimes a roof will have to be constructed of a stronger material like such as lead. Building regulations may stipulate that you construct the conservatory or orangery in a way that does not restrict ladder access to either windows on the first floor or a loft conversion. This will mean you may have to build the conservatory with a partial flat roof to give fire access. In cases like this the builder may also need to get building regulations signed off to prove this point. In addition to fire regulations, if a window in the main building overlooks the conservatory or orangery you will want to consider the design of the roof and its fittings much more closely since they will be visible from this window. If this is the case you might want to consider more expensive materials like lead, zinc or copper. The colours and textures of these metals can add a great deal to the look of your conservatory and change over time, although be prepared because they can also add a substantial amount to the final cost. For this reason we usually recommend synthetic weatherproof materials with a long guarantee.