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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Automating Your Home

For someone who has trouble turning on light switches, or has trouble seeing in lower light conditions, motion sensors can be put around the home that directly control the lighting in the house. Wherever the person goes lights will turn on automatically and they won’t have to struggle to navigate their home at night.

By installing the right parts and motors and using the correct technology for the job just about anything can be automated. Culinary devices like microwaves and ovens can be turned on by a preprogrammed Smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Telephone calls can be wired to a central PA system and the user has to only wear a microphone instead of scrambling to a physical phone whenever it rings. Although it might seem impossible, by consulting with or hiring the right professional the entire installation process can be quick, simple and leave you with the end result of an easy to use but technologically advanced automated home.

Some people with limited physical mobility in their hands and arms may not be able get a key into a lock, or turn a door knob. RFID (Remote Frequency Identification) chips can completely remove restrictions from these peoples’ lives. A preprogrammed RFID badge, can be set to automatically unlock and open doors, turn on lights and even cause water to flow from sinks or toilets to flush. RFID chips are surprisingly cheap by themselves, but the various motors and moving parts and individual programming that is required during RFID installation can make the whole set up a bit on the pricey side. If you have the money to spend on RFID it is a great way to go.

Not all automated devices need to be tied in to a central network and preprogrammed. Having an automated robot vacuum is common nowadays and the technology and operating systems of these cleaning devices get better every year. If you have limited physical mobility cleaning up can be a chore, and if you use a wheelchair you can bring a lot of dirt and grime into your home if you use the same chair inside that you use outside. By having an affordable automated vacuuming robot you won’t have to struggle with a manual vacuum cleaner ever again.

If and when you decide to automate your home it is important to write up a list of necessities and desired features as well as setting a maximum budget. By trying to do too much you can get easily confused. In general, the more complex the set up the more likely you are to run into bugs and glitches. By having one central control and by hiring a skilled home automation expert you can lower the probability that you are going to run into problems. Best of luck!


Basement Bathroom Installation Tips

Composting toilets are a clean, odorless alternative to traditional flush toilets. Their primary advantage is that they don’t require any hookup to a septic tank or sewer line, which means you can install one virtually anywhere. The main difference with a composting toilet is that waste isn’t flushed away to be dealt with elsewhere, such as in a wastewater treatment plant. Instead, waste goes into an aerobic composting drum inside the toilet where it is broken down and, over a period of time, is converted into compost.

Because about 90% of human waste is just water, the majority of what goes inside the toilet is evaporated off with the aid of a heating element and fan. The remaining material stays in the composting drum, where it is broken down. About once or twice a year, some of the compost will be emptied to a finishing tray in the bottom of the toilet. With most units, this is a very simple process that happens internally; the homeowner never has to come into contact with compost until it is completely finished. Once fully finished, the compost will look and smell like ordinary garden soil. It will be clean, dry, and non-offensive.

Self-contained composting toilets are also waterless, so you won’t need to worry about running any plumbing lines for water in your basement bathroom. The only real requirement for installation is connecting a vent stack (usually PVC pipe) that runs upward and out your home’s roofline. This vent stack, combined with the fan assembly, is what ensures that your composting toilet will operate without odor.

A composting toilet will fill part of the need for a bathroom in the basement; however, it doesn’t provide a solution for a sink or a shower, if that is required. Assuming that you have access to water, the only real barrier to installing a sink or shower would be the lack of a sewer or septic tank connection in your basement. If this is the case, a graywater recycling system might be an option. If you have the ability to run the wastewater via a pipe to a central graywater recycling tank, then the water can be reused for outdoor plant irrigation, which is a great way to lower your home’s overall water consumption. If you don’t have any access to running water in the area of your basement where you want to install the bathroom, then a simple bottle of hand sanitizer is another low cost option!

As you can see, installing a basement bathroom when you don’t have a stub-in to a sewer or septic tank is not impossible; it just requires some outside-the-box thinking. As with any home project of this magnitude, be sure to check with your local building department to see what, if any, building codes apply in your area, and to be sure that composting toilets and graywater recycling systems are both approved in the local building codes. Whether you’re adding a basement bathroom to make your home more marketable for resale, or if you just need a bathroom for your family’s use, composting toilets and graywater recycling systems are self sustainable, eco friendly products that will last for many years.


Why UPVC Conservatory?

UPVC is a material extremely durable by nature. Traditionally conservatories were made from wood, but the advent of uPVC which is longer lasting and much cheaper means that the majority are now made from this. UPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. Being “unplasticised” means there are no softening agents or “plasticisers” within the material making it ideal for large structures such as conservatories. Being able to manufacture conservatories from the material uPVC means that a much greater number of people have access to what was previously a very costly and luxurious item.

It is still possible to purchase wooden framed conservatories, but there are a number of disadvantages for doing so. For a start, uPVC structures are very low maintenance. There is no varnishing, painting, sanding or any other DIY to be carried out. Once the structure is up, you can simply sit back and enjoy. UPVC is also a very simple material to clean. The occasional wipe with a damp cloth and a drop of washing up liquid is all that is required to keep it looking in excellent shape and remove any grime. Wooden frames are liable to fade in the sun too. Weather badly effects wood which needs constant attention, varnishing and caring for and the dirt although perhaps more easily hidden is much harder to remove. UPVC frames are extremely durable and will last for decades. They will not rot like wood can which as well as looking unsightly, can even pose a security risk.

UPVC conservatories are accompanied with excellent security measures. Many come equipped with advanced locking systems that provide total peace of mind. Additionally there are internal reinforcements included in the designs that provide extra strength and impact resistance for added rigidity and overall security. Although uPVC is a plastic material, it is non-toxic and fully recyclable. Conservatories made from this material are extremely energy efficient too as heat is retained easily during the winter and kept out during the summer through the incorporation of special insulation. This lowers heating bills in winter and prevents the room needing fans or air conditioning in summer. It also provides another reason, as a conservatory made from uPVC acts as a friend rather than foe to the environment.

They are extremely easy to assemble too making the installation a simple process. More often than not they can be assembled on site. With a variety of wood effect finishes available, it is even possible to have all the benefits of uPVC whilst still retaining a traditional feel. The untrained eye would not be able to tell the windows, doors or conservatory were made from anything other than timber.

With a host of different styles available, any type or size of home can benefit from a uPVC conservatory. It comes as no surprise that they are extremely popular all over the UK in particular where summers can be short. Often it is unnecessary to obtain planning permission before assembling a conservatory and the low cost makes them an affordable way to extend the house with the minimum of difficulty. UPVC is a very strong and hard wearing material that weathers extremely well. This makes it an ideal material for structures such as a lean to conservatory or sliding patio doors that are subjected to harsh weather every day. With wood effect finishes and different colours available, all styles and tastes can be accommodated.


Kitchen Decor Ideas

People have different perception about kitchen remodeling or designing. There are a group of people who believe it to be time and money consuming. But for some it is a necessity they believe in decorating their kitchen when are working so much on their bedroom, lobby, drawing room or a garden. Women try to convince their point that a beautiful kitchen gives them some creative ideas in cooking and they forget their stress and tiredness due to daily chores. Kitchen remodeling is expensive it may range on how you design, either in sophisticated way or in a simpler way.

Kitchen decoration or remodeling is a very expensive activity. There is a beautiful saying “a beautiful kitchen doesn’t outweigh a happy marriage”. When you have decided to remodel your kitchen choosing the right company and the quality of work they offer is very important. Don’t ever dream that you can design your kitchen yourself, remodeling or designing a kitchen needs professionals, you would require services of plumber, carpenter and electrician. When you don’t have an idea or experience designing your kitchen is difficult. However designing yourself comes with some good points where you can decide or make your imagination a reality.

Start your activity with a good planning. Planning is always necessary and now let’s start with Mr. Carpenter. A beautiful door, cabinet with multiple facilities, easy table and handy drawers. Some people plan their layout with a beautiful door and some just ignore it and continue without a door. Kitchen door are easily available in the market or you can order one with your own style. They usually Come in different style and colors. Kitchen cabinets are designed to put the user at ease. They are companies which design a cabinet with using software which gives a reality to your imagination. These cabinets are equipped with baskets, racks and other accessories which carry a multiple function.

In modern age they are many kitchen appliances which help you to carry on your daily chores in a simpler easier and in a more efficient way. Slicer, mixer, juicer, rice cooker, refrigerator, induction or electricity cooker, microwave and coffee machines are few such examples which carry on your work without putting much burden on your shoulder. Ask your electrician to create circuits, plugs and switches on the safer side which are away from your sink.

Plumber is responsible to drain or eject the waste water which usually gets when you clean your utensils. Make a proper system or a sink which can easily handle your utensils, store your water waste and throw it out timely.